CRM Cloud

Growing your existing business, finding new customers, and closing more sales faster -- that's what CRM is all about. But there's more - customer service, marketing automation, and management. CRM today has to be accessible from anywhere, from any device, in any language. You are keeping all of your customer information and interactions in one place, with the added intelligence of social networking integrations and best practices to help you move faster.

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Cogmento Video Tour

Watch our CRM Video Tour and learn how easy it is to power up your sales and customer support with our simple cloud CRM software. Watch the video and then try it today at or contact our sales team for any questions you may have and to schedule a demo. Find customers, close deals, and grow accounts faster. Shorten sales cycles by engaging every prospect and customer on their preferred channel, like a phone and email, at just the right time. Segmenting and filtering your data is easy; you can search on any field, like a phone number or email address. Create specialized lists to call and email and promote your products or services.

Sales Cloud

Want everyone to sell smarter? Free CRM can help close deals faster and track everything. Companies of all sizes use Free CRM to help them every day.

Service Cloud

Customer support cast management means making customers happy. Free CRM makes your reps happy, too, by keeping everyone up to date and closing more tickets faster.

Marketing Cloud

Automate email campaigns with personalized messages that are highly targeted from the CRM and social media. Engage your customers as you never have and keep everything in one place.

Cloud Strategy for CRM

Benefits of Cloud CRM are hassle-free installation, seamless access, ease of use, affordability, high-security levels, reliable operation, flexibility, enhanced compatibility, and more. Cloud CRM can be easily integrated with other applications or software, like email, and more.

CRM Activity Reports

Our CRM reporting tools make it possible for business leaders and other decision-makers to quickly and easily access the information that they need, exactly when they need it. FreeCRM has advantages that help to perfect the reporting process. Free CRM reporting tools offer complete and adequate reporting out of the box while giving customers the chance to customize reporting to fit their own unique needs better.